Transforming Local Government

Unprecedented Ideas. Team Building. Professional Networking.

"TLG wasn’t just good—it was probably the best conference I’ve ever attended. The experience gained and connections made were invaluable, and it was exhaustive without being exhausting. I absolutely plan to attend again, and I would encourage all others to do so as well."

- Kara Sokol, Director of Community Engagement, City of Ferndale, MI

The 2020 Transforming Local Government Conference will take place May 5-8 in Phoenix, AZ.

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The Transforming Local Government Conference (TLG) is different from any other conference you will attend. TLG attracts attendees from local governments that are deliberately seeking new and innovative ways to meet new challenges and provide high quality service to the communities they serve. 

TLG is recognized for its dynamic content, which encourages team building, free thinking and fosters unprecedented ideas. Participants hear presentations directly from the teams that have created some of the most innovative programs and projects in local government today. 

The conference is specifically designed to promote team building and provide opportunities to share ideas. There are combinations of formal and informal activities that facilitate networking and exchanges among attendees. The scale of the conference allows local government professionals to participate in highly interactive conversations, to network directly with the presenters and to establish new and long lasting peer-to-peer contacts.