Dr. Marie Peoples

Deputy County Manager, Coconino County

Dr. Marie Peoples, Deputy County Manager, is charged with leading justice and human service related departments and County-wide initiatives. Dr. Peoples strives to provide visionary leadership, developing strategies to further the County’s mission and to collaborate with leaders across County Departments and the County. Prior to serving as Deputy County Manager, Dr. Peoples previously served as the Chief Health Officer for Coconino County Public Health Services District. Her career began as a substance abuse therapist within Missouri’s correctional system and she has worked within several of Missouri’s prisons with a variety of offender demographics and rehabilitative programs. In addition, she has worked for the Missouri Supreme Court and the Missouri Department of Mental Health. Dr. Peoples serves as a member of the Coconino Community College Governing Board, was a recipient of the Emerging Leader in Rural Women’s Health award, the Gabe Zimmerman Civic Leadership award, and is a Flinn-Brown fellow. Dr. Peoples is also a proud staff member of University of Phoenix, College of Doctoral Studies and a member of the Northern Arizona University Institutional Review Board. Dr. Peoples holds a Bachelors’ degree in Criminal Justice Administration, a Master’s Degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice, a Master’s Degree in Public Health, and a PhD in Public Health Epidemiology. Regardless of role, Dr. Peoples strives to develop innovative approaches to address social justice issues. She works to empower women, minorities, and disenfranchised populations to advocate for equality with a goal of eliminating disparities between populations.

12:00PM - 1:00PM

Thursday 30th July

Innovation in Action Keynote

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