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Winter is coming... but so is TLG GOVAPALOOZA

OK, so there may not be an actual zombie apocalypse on the way, but at this point, would we really be that surprised if there were?  With concurrent crises in public health, education, economic recovery, social cohesion and the very legitimacy of government – local government has never been under greater stress.

In response to this challenge, a diverse coalition of committed partners has come together to create an antidote for these difficult times – a beacon in the night to inspire and support the local government community – TLG Govapalooza!

This massive virtual festival will feature world-class keynote speakers (announcement coming shortly – stay tuned!), local government legends, and next-gen talent you won’t want to miss.  Experiences will range from soaring inspiration to hands-on implementation tactics and tools.

A truly historic event, TLG Govapalooza will bring together thousands of elected officials, appointed leaders, department heads, local gov employees, academics, students, business executives, nonprofit partners, and committed individuals to engage in an incredible celebration of the very best in local government. 

Think of it as a virtual SXSW for Local Government, and you’ll get the idea…

We don’t use the term “Movement” lightly.  Thousands of local gov professionals will come together at Govapalooza, brought there by rock-star keynotes (to be announced shortly); engaging, cutting-edge presenters, and by the power of the group of folks behind the curtain.

This show is being put on by local gov professionals and supporters from around the country, and around the world.  Each of the partners listed below is contributing singificant time and talent to make this historic event a success!


Govapalooza Partners

  • Alliance for Innovation
  • Arizona State University
  • Center for Public Safety Excellence
  • Colorado City & County Management Association
  • Government IT Symposium
  • HueLife
  • Illinois City/County Management Association
  • Maryland Municipal League
  • Municipal Management Association of Northern California
  • Municipal Management Association of Southern California
  • National Association of County Administrators
  • Nevada City/County Management Association
  • Phoenix Hispanic Network
  • University of Tennessee Municipal Technical Advisory Service
  • Washington City/County Management Association
  • Wisconsin City/County Management Association

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Build Collaboration and Partnerships

Effective partnerships are at the heart of what is needed in local government. Antifragile local governments recognize the community doesn’t care which specific department, entity, or partner is providing services, they just look to local government for the leadership required to get the job done.

Align Resources with Community Needs

Every local government should be able to answer these three questions: Why do we do what we do? What do we do? What does it cost to do what we do? Loaded with this information, antifragile local governments decide how their resources are invested to support desired community outcomes.

Begin and End with Data

Antifragile local governments use connected data to sense, anticipate, and respond to community needs with agility. They leverage data and analytics to confidently embrace iterative change.

Economic Revitalization

The road to recovery will be full of twists, turns, and potholes - but there is a path forward! Learn what antifragile communities are doing to come out of 2021 stronger than ever.

Focus on Community Outcomes

Antifragile local government takes responsibility for solving today’s problems, putting stakeholder needs at the center and methodically and relentlessly driving until those needs are met.

Climate & Environment

There is perhaps no greater set of threats to our long-term prosperity than those posed by climate change. From aligning to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, to driving your community to carbon neutrality, we'll explore how we can take concrete action to support a healthy environment.

Earn Trust Through Accountability

Antifragile local government organizations understand the current broken relationships in our communities have to be purposefully mended and actively nurtured to effectively make the community a better place to live, work and play.

Public Safety

Do your approaches to helping people need reforms? Are you seeking to shift paradigms? Learn what communities are doing to make needed shifts.

Equity & Inclusion

The Govapalooza Partners are dedicated to achieving racial equity. Learn what leading organizations are doing in this area, and define your own "pathway to entry" toward meaningful and lasting change.

Attract and Unleash Great Talent

Antifragile local governments build a silo-busting collaborative operating structure with a relentless focus on creativity and adaptability in their workforces. They actively recruit diverse, collaborative, multi-disciplined problem solvers, and then empower them to do exactly that.