Constituent Reporting and Strategic Plan Execution Products

What innovative products are available to support two key functions they deal with regularly: Constituent reporting (like a SeeClickFix type of mobile reporting of issues) and also Strategic Plan execution?


Constituent Reporting

SeeClickFix app

  • Citizens can pay a ticket, ask a question, take a survey, learn about road closures and much more with custom Mobile Buttons.
  • Organizations receive clear, actionable requests that are automatically routed to the right official within the SeeClickFix CRM or through one of our 20 support integrations.

SeeClickFix 311 App

  • Full mobile and desktop ecosystem for request submission, management, and tracking
  • Customizable mobile apps and online tools to increase citizen engagement and improve constituent services

SeeClickFix Request Management App

  • Simple, clear dashboard interfaces for quick access to your data and core metrics
  • Recurring data exports tailored to your reporting requirements
  • Quickly access local websites and calendars
  • Find your city’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  • Discover digital payment services offered by your city
  • Tracks plans and performance measures
  • Multiplan management features
  • Cascade, Gantt & list tools
  • Automated reports & staff reminders

Civicplus: 311 and Citizen Request Management Solution


Strategic Planning


  • Link your goals to the measures you use to evaluate progress.
  • Track the strategic initiatives that drive your plan.
  • Customize the information you collect about your goals, measures and projects.
  • Align your department business plans and your organizational strategy.
  • Build interactive Balanced Scorecards, including strategy maps and dashboards.

Clearpoint Strategy

  • Assign ownership to strategic elements and monitor updates to the strategic plan.
  • Leverage in-app discussion and analysis fields to capture input on progress throughout the year.
  • Create layouts that showcase information that needs updating.
  • Establish each user’s level of access to view and make changes to your strategy.
  • Automate notifications to remind users to update information and prepare analysis.
  • Track progress
  • Create reports for collected data


  • See every plan on the same dashboard. Quickly and easily spot trends, weak spots, and successes.
  • All your high-level results have a single source of truth. Connect all your tactics back to high-level results and overarching goals.
  • See issues as they arise with real-time visibility. Don’t get stuck dealing with major problems weeks after they’ve wreaked havoc.
  • From email notifications to report compilation, you get time back on your calendar.
  • Assign ownership. Set due dates. AchieveIt holds stakeholders accountable for their responsibilities, so you don’t have to.


This is a resource that compiles and compares software:


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