Branding and Recruitment Strategies for Preschool Teachers

Efficient Strategies for Preschool Teacher Recruitment and Retention


Prepared By: Gregory Whitney

Executive Summary & Analysis (Key Points) 

Many organizations across the country have utilized strategic recruitment methods beyond a simple/generic job posting in order to boost recruitment for teaching positions at multiple grade levels. This includes Preschool and Kindergarten positions, as well as before and after school programs for ages 3 and up. These strategies also aim to reduce the high turnover rate in the teaching field. Strategies implemented include the following:

  • Testimonials & Internal Inspiration

    • Teachers, staff, and veteran employees spoke on their experiences within the organization.

    • Emphasis was placed on what motivated teachers to stay, what they enjoyed about their position or organization, and what the organization had to offer.

    • Additional testimonials were given by former beneficiaries of the programs and education, placing further emphasis on the value of the work and profession.

  • Emphasize Support on an Administrative and Peer Level

    • Principals or organizational heads were directly involved in the interviewing and recruitment process.

    • The onboarding process was advertised and executed as taking a gradual approach; new hires gradually assumed more and more responsibilities and training as their time with the organization continued.

    • Organizations offered opportunities for skill and professional development, including additional trainings, mentoring, and additional resources.

  • Advertise Consideration of Candidates from Specialized/Non-Traditional Programs

    • Candidates in non-traditional educational and training paths were sought after.

    • Candidates included those in teaching residency programs and those who were alternatively certified (teachers who didn’t complete a traditional bachelors program to attain a license or certification).

  • Increase Recruiting Events/Advertising in Diverse Settings

    • To increase equity and diversity in the recruitment process, virtual and in-person recruitment events are held in historically diverse areas and settings (HCBU’S, organizations with a diversity emphasis, etc.).

    • Having the organization represent the diversity of the community or surrounding region was emphasized.

    • Representation of various educational, career, ethnic, and racial backgrounds were included in the hiring and onboarding process.

Additional Resources


Research Findings

Widefield, CO 

The community of Widefield in El Paso County, Colorado, offers multiple preschool programs for residents to enroll children in. In order to promote to both parents and potential recruits what resources are available to students and teachers, resources and organization of classes is promoted on both the organizations websites and brochures. Support for teachers that is featured includes:

  • A pre-developed curriculum that meets local and state requirements, which allows for new hires to ease more easily into the teaching role, reducing the learning curve of during onboarding

  • Classroom sizes are capped at certain maximums depending on the program, at either 14 or 16 student per room.

  • Teachers are also accompanied by a teacher’s aide to assist with classroom management and to further alleviate the stress on teachers.

Additionally, supplies and necessary equipment is pre-bought and stocked, which removes the possibility of teachers needing to use their own funds to supply the classroom. Testimonials from teachers from both programs are also featured in the advertising products of the preschool program.

Community events that were previously held in person also advertised both preschool programs and possible job opportunities. The job applications for educators in Widefield are open year round, which allows for the organization to attain the applications of more recruits who might finish their education or certifications at non-traditional times during the year.

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Oklahoma State Department of Education, OK

Throughout the 2010’s, Oklahoma saw a deficit in qualified teachers across all education levels within the state; more teachers were leaving the state than were coming in. To combat this, one recruitment strategy that the Oklahoma State Department of Education used was the development of two testimonial series.

  • ShapED My Life: This video series featured notable figures within the community spoke on their positive experiences with teachers and education.

    • This series served to show positive aspects of the profession, such as the impact a teacher can make on a generation, and how effective a teacher can

    • This was also meant to inspire teachers by showing the fruit of their labors, and the difference they can make in their community.

  • EdTalks: Teacher testimonials about their love of the profession, their experiences within the field, and why they chose to be a teacher.

    • This showcased the resources and support given to teachers.

    • Further showed the impact teachers can have on students, which was a motivating factor for new applicants.

Both series were promoted via social media platforms to encourage entrance into the teaching field. This served to attract positive attention and increase recruitment in quality educators in the state of Oklahoma, and both series are still utilized today. These strategies were implemented around the same time as various educational reforms within the state, such as pay increases.

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Prince William County Public Schools, VA

In order to recruit a diverse and varied applicant pool for all grade levels, the Prince William County Public Schools attends or organizes numerous recruitment events throughout the year. This can include anywhere from 5 to 16 events a month. These events are either arranged by the organization hosting the event, or PWC Public Schools puts on the events at these varied locations. Regardless, PWC Public Schools seeks to attend a wide variety of events. These include:

  • Job and internship fairs, which include those focused on teaching professions or jobs in general.

  • Mock Interview events, to expose potential recruits to the application process for their organization.

  • Educational fairs and expos

The hosting organizations include in state universities from all regions of Virginia, and out of state universities in both neighboring states and states across the country. Further, some events attended include those at HBCU’s, or those with an emphasis on diversity and equity. This allows for the organization to attain a diverse and equitable applicant pool.

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Houston Independent School District, TX

The Houston Independent School District hosts regular recruitment fairs in order to attract and hire the best possible talent in the education field, including their preschool positions. These fairs attract new recruits, or those who are either new to the community or the profession. This includes recent graduates and transplants to the growing Houston metropolitan area. During these events, representatives from each of the district’s schools are present, and interviews are conducted right at the event. Principals are also present and able to screen for quality applicants during the recruitment event.

Many offers of employment are made on the spot, with countless other follow-up interviews and meetings are scheduled. This event also allows the district to gather resumes and applicant information that can be pulled and used at a later date if vacancies arise. In order to ensure the best quality candidates are present at these events, registration is required prior to arrival, and potential recruits must be screened by the districts Talent Acquisition Team , which is on site to assist with the hiring process and to facilitate administrative procedures as needed.

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Paradise Valley Schools, AZ

Paradise Valley Schools has streamlined their application process to include all relevant information for recruits to make an informed and easy decision regarding application and work location. Specifically, benefits and offerings are listed and featured before jobs listings, and are expanded upon further along in the hiring process.

The organization also made sure to include all possible open positions, and allows for applicants to search for openings based on department, location, or mode of instruction (online vs. in person). This flexibility in hiring and onboarding allows the district to attract applicants that may only want or be able to work in a certain department or location.

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