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A Virtual Open House to Help You Put Your Community in the Spotlight!

Is your organization ready to show off how your your innovative community stands out?  From fabulous conferences festivities to impelling innovation tours, we want to put a spotlight on innovative measures taking place in your community!  The short video open house is all about the TLG RFP process and what it takes to host our annual conference.  No need to have made up your mind just yet, this session was designed to answer any questions you may have about the process. With RFP applications due June 15, we hope to thoroughly inform you!

We also discussed what the expectations are for fundraising, publicity and communications planning, and volunteer goals.

So, what’s in it for your community? Partnering with the Alliance for Innovation to host TLG will bring a national spotlight to your region. Close to 600 local government professionals from across the US and Canada will travel to attend TLG and experience your region during the conference. You will have the opportunity to display innovative programs and present your jurisdiction as a progressive government.

View the Request for Proposal. Contact Brandi Allen at ballen@transformgov.org or more information. 

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