Reclaiming Municipal Wastewater: A Path Towards Resiliency; Post Event Docs

Summary, Discussion Guide, & Handout

How can your local government improve the environment, enhance quality of life, and entice economic development to your community?  Well, by recycling water of course!

Would you believe recycled waste water can be of higher quality than what most communities currently get out of the tap now? Many communities across the US are being to use waste water tech for recycling and reclaiming that is of such high quality it can entice tech companies to their communities. Costs to improving water treatment, may be high, but the long-term benefits and resilience gained to you community is worth the investment.

Joined by Cory Miller and Brian Dempsey of University Area Joint Authority, PA for in depth look at their beneficial reuse system and the results for their community in State College, PA.

Key session takeaways include:

  • Advanced technologies and methods for water treatment
  • Reasons for new approaches and supporting research
    • How to address increased costs
  • Innovation in perspective
  • Lessons learned and strategies for success

Session Resources: