Post Event Materials for all A4i 2018 Webinars

Handouts, Discussion Guides, and Other Materials

Navigating State Pre-Emption & Local Gov't Control: Continuing the BIG Ideas 2017 Conversation
January 24    
Better Community Outcomes Through Waste to Energy Partnership
January 30
How to Build Agritourism to Trigger Economic Development
February 13
Residents in Motion: Fostering Harmony and Flow within Dynamic Transportation Demands
February 21    
What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and How Much Can It Save My Local Government?
March 22
Reclaiming Municipal Wastewater: A Path Towards Resiliency
March 29
Using Data to Drive Innovative Parking Solutions & Strategies
April 17
Modernizing Your Budget Process and the Role of Technology
May 1
Civic Matchmaking: Connecting People with Purpose to Increase Community Resilience
May 17
The Journey and Benefits to Organizational Excellence: The City of Fort Collins, Colorado and the National Baldrige Award
May 24
Turning Fabulous Flops to Fabulous Feats in Community Engagement
June 13
Team Triumphs: A 2018 Innovation Academy Showcase
June 14
So You Have a New Strategic Plan - Now What?
June 20
Making the Grade: In-House Dashboards for a Data-Driven Culture
June 27
A Strategic Plan for Smart Cities: Going Beyond Technology
July 12
Neighborhood Engagement Program: Empowering Residents and Building Community
July 18
Change Your Culture, Change Your Life!
August 7
Two Birds, One Stone: How Mecklenburg County Overcame Two Challenges with One Innovation
August 30
Customizing Budget Engagement for your Community
September 12
StormSense Rises to the Challenge: Using Voice and Data Science to Strengthen Community Preparedness
September 18
Keeping Local Government Lean: Maintaining a Culture of Process Improvement
September 27
Strengthen the Trust Between Local Governments and Their Residents Through Better Communications
October 3
Customizing Budget Engagement for your Community: Part 2
October 10
Local Governments and the Opioid Crisis: The Broader Problem and Emerging Ideas
October 11
Co-creating Government: Innovation by Design
October 16
Community-Oriented Policing: Campus West Connections
November 27
KEEP CALM: Engage On
December 13