Post Event Materials for all A4i 2017 Webinars

Handouts, Discussion Guides, and Other Materials

Healthcare Strategy - What will you face in 2017?
February 28    
The Framework of Online Civic Engagement: An Overview & Case Studies
April 12
What Works in Improving Local Government Performance
May 2
Emerging Digital Disruptions: A Look Ahead at Technology Trends and Their Impact on our Communities
May 10    
Benchmarking for Success
May 16
The State of Performance Analytics in Local Governments Webinar
May 26
Kickstarting Innovation! Alliance’s Innovation Academy Success Stories from the Class of 2017
June 6
Local Government Gets Lean (Six Sigma)
June 8
Unveiling the Mysteries of Public/Non-Profit Partnerships
June 14
It Takes a Village: Organizational Training for Employees…by Employees
July 19
Making the ‘A’ List of Great Places to Work
July 25
Planning for Community Prosperity: By the people, for the people
August 2
Ensuring Your City is in the Green – Green Purchasing That Is!
August 9
Got Development? 5 Questions to Ask to Elevate your Building Department
August 17
Intentional Leadership: Getting Results and Engagement by Letting Go of Control
August 24
Managers Forum: A Reflection on Leadership & Leading Innovation through Organizational Transitions
September 12
The ART and SCIENCE of Measuring Performance in Local Government: Telling Your Story with Words and Numbers, Part 1 and 2
September 20 & October 11
Leveraging Startups for the Public Good
September 28
Four Innovators Walk into a Bar...
October 3
Effective Communication for Leadership: Who Am I Speaking To?
October 26
A Park in the City: An Open Space for the Whole Community
October 31
Keeping Local Government Lean: Maintaining a Culture of Process Improvement
September 27
Strengthen the Trust Between Local Governments and Their Residents Through Better Communications
October 3
Citizens Without Homes: From Intervention to Permanent Residency, A Shared Service Opportunity
November 7
Suggestion Box 2.0: Soliciting & Amplifying Staff Insights
November 28
Managers Forum: Innovation in the Field with Peggy Merriss
December 7