[Post Event Docs] Strengthen the Trust Between Local Governments and Their Residents Through Better Communications

Summary, Discussion Guide, & Handout


With the growing array of communication tools and strategies, local governments have even more opportunities to build trust and strengthen connection with their community. In the process, making innovation and taking documented risks for improved services potentially possible.

Join the Alliance for Innovation and Kim Newcomer, CEO and Founder of Slate Communications, on October 3 for an exciting look at ways to take your local government communication strategies to the next level and set your organization up to pursue innovations!

Other sessions takeaways will include:

  • How to grow trust & establish expertise
  • Examples of what local governments have done to overcome issues of trust and miscomunication

About SLATE COMMUNICATIONS: Slate Communications is a different kind of marketing/ public relations firm. We believe informed and engaged residents make communities better. We work almost exclusively with local governments and public agencies, offering communications, marketing, and creative services to help local governments connect with their residents.