[Post Event Docs] A Strategic Plan for Smart Cities: Going Beyond Technology

Summary, Discussion Guide, & Handout


What if this plan also invited people to engage with it, communicating long term goals through a variety of mediums?

For years, the City of West Hollywood, California delved into innovative improvements for their community and organization. But why not bring these projects under the same program plan, integrating efforts from multiple departments? Municipal fiber, modern street lights, integrated transit services, streamlined development services, to name a few – all shared the same goal - quality of life and service improvements. For the City of West Hollywood, the Smart City Strategic Plan would be…

“…an ambitious initiative to holistically weave technology into the fabric of the city and turn bold, progressive ideas into lasting innovations. The West Hollywood Smart City Strategic Plan provides the City a multi-phased roadmap to efficiently incorporate smart technologies into our urban infrastructure and leverage that technology to improve our citizens’ quality of life, health, safety, and economic prosperity, by focusing on projects that promote Sustainability, Mobility, Accessibility, Resiliency, and Transparency.”

With the development of the smart city strategic plan in motion, they asked one simple question: What role does technology play in your life?

Join the Alliance staff and Kate Mayerson, Innovation Analyst with the City of West Hollywood, California for a deep dive into what brought this plan into fruition, the benefits, and what they have planned next.

Other takeaways include:

  • Implementation and core strategies
  • Developing a culture of experimentation & Preparation for ‘graceful failures’

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