[Post Event Docs] Keeping Local Government Lean: Maintaining a Culture of Process Improvement

Summary, Discussion Guide & Handout


Pushed by limited resources, staff capacity, and project accountability and outcomes, local governments continue to implement and adapt Lean Six Sigma practices to their organization. But now that you have started your lean journey, how do you sustain these efforts and manage a larger, cultural transformation of continuous improvement.

Join the Alliance for Innovation, Karen Thomas, Training / HR Consultant at County of Roanoke, Virginia and Scotty Martin, Innovation Consultant and Strategist with REVISION, as they present ways to further embed the lean methodology into local governments, big and small, to sustain for years to come.

Session takeaways:

  • Lessons learned for starting journey and keeping it going
  • Strategies for taking your data driven organization towards performance excellence
  • Insights around process improvement
  • And recommendations for ‘pushing the needle’ even further