[Post Event Docs] Customizing Budget Engagement for your Community

Part 1 & 2 Summary, Session Handout & Recording


There are many reasons why a local government might want to build a two-way relationship with residents on financial issues: to identify priorities; set levels of service; gauge interest in changing revenue; build public understanding of long-term structural problems; prepare for an election; get staff buy-in for change; or simply out of a commitment to good governance. Milwaukee County and City of Norfolk, VA, are two of the most creative and committed local governments when it comes to budget engagement.

Join the Alliance, Balancing Act, representatives from Milwaukee County, WI and City of Norfolk, VA  to learn from their experience and get insights into the right strategies for your community. Take a look at the great earned media Norfolk earned in this TV news story and the targeted marketing of Milwaukee County's A Better 414 campaign.