[Post Event Docs] Co-creating Government: Innovation by Design

Summary, Session Handout & Post Discussion Guide


Innovation by Design is a Hennepin County creative problem-solving approach based in human-centered design. It starts with the people we're serving and ends with a service that is specifically tested and designed for them. Innovation by Design is guided by the mindsets of empathy, optimism, and experiment. This presentation focuses on the Young Adult Housing Model project, in which the Young Adult Housing Model was prototyped by gathering input from young adults, housing and supportive service providers, foundations, and other government agencies. This Innovation by Design approach was based entirely in the co-creation aspects of human-centered design methodology.

In this #TLGreduxjoin AFI and Hennepin County, MN to hear about how they use Innovation by Design coupled with strong facilitation skills and how you can use a similar approach in your local government. This is an opportunity to learn more about how you can use this approach in your own work by starting your work with empathy-based methods. Participants will learn how to empathy map, a collaborative tool uncovering deeper insights and understandings of our customer’s needs, regardless of subject matter.

Session takeaways:

  • Learn why co-creation in government is the path to meaningful, resident-focused services
  • Understand how empathy-based approaches enhance government services
  • Experience empathy mapping and leave with a plan to use for your own empathy map exercise

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