[Post Event Docs] Bringing Agri-Science & Social Entrepreneurship to the Forefront: Enhancing Community through Environmental Education

Summary, Discussion Guide, & Handout


A consistent challenge facing our communities today is the need to implement an effective curricula that increases student knowledge and application, particularly in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education. Amplifying the problem even more are the limited resources provided to underserved students. 

Meet the Bionomic Educational Training Center (BETC, pronounced “Betsy”), an award winning (of which, one is 2018 Innovation Award) program launched in 2010 as a pilot program in Durham County, NC! 

Through the program, at risk youth are educated about urban storm water pollution and retrofitting designs to improve water quality, expanding their window into the world of agri-science, green industries and green infrastructure. 

But the program goes further, training teachers on relevant, innovative E-STEM curriculum with an emphasis on actively engaging students in hands-on implementation, activities, and research, as well as the development of critical thinking skills. 

Whether to learn more about an innovative and impactful program or specifics of environmental education, join us and Michael Dupree with Durham County, NC for this one-hour session on February 13, 2019 for such session takeaways as: 

• Program development; how it got started, how it keeps going, and where it is headed 
• BETC curriculum preview and teacher training 
• Recommendations for implementation