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Innovation & Culture
Questica is now an Alliance for Innovation Corporate Partner

The Alliance for Innovation welcomes Questica as a new member in our Corporate Partner Program.

ClearPoint Strategy
Innovation & Culture
ClearPoint Strategy Joins the Alliance For Innovation Corporate Partners Network

Alliance for Innovation and ClearPoint Strategy are proud to announce their new strategic partnership, bringing to the table an innovative technology solution.

Technology & Data Analytics
The Alliance for Innovation is Proud to Partner with Edict Systems

Edict Systems provides Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services to the public sector.

What is the Alliance Corporate Partner Program?

The Alliance Corporate Partner Program seeks to support the Alliance's mission to be the Premier Resource for Emerging Practices. As members of our Corporate Partner Program private and non-profit partners provide educational content with free regional workshops, free national webinars, and Solutions Journal case study articles. Corporate Partners offer unique products, consulting and training specifically tailored to benefit Alliance members and provide solutions in a credible, non-commercial environment.

Please review the impressive list of Alliance Corporate Partners. Contact our Corporate Partner team at or 888.496.0944, Extension 108 for more information, introductions or to schedule virtual demonstrations.


Our Corporate Partners

This group of businesses deliver local government solutions with passion for excellence in public service, dedication to improve community processes and service deliver, and commitment to accelerate innovation with flexible, scalable solutions (Listed in Alphabetical Order).

Balancing Act

Balancing Act is a fun, easy way for residents to learn about public budgets.


At CIS, the Center for Internet Security, we believe that everyone deserves a secure online experience.

ClearPoint Strategy

Strategy execution, performance management and reporting software for local governments.

Drucker Institute

Helping organizational leaders successfully meet their greatest challenges.


eCivis is the leading cloud-based grant management system in the nation.

Edict Systems

Providing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Services to Local Governments.


Envisio takes the strategic plan implementation process to the next level.

Government Leadership Solutions

Helping local governments develop workplace cultures that attract top talent.

HdL Companies

Founded in 1983, HdL maximizes local government revenues by providing audits, analytical services and enterprise software products. Audit and management consulting services include sales, use and transaction taxes, property taxes, transient occupancy taxes and marijuana regulation and taxation.  Serving both the city, special district and county markets, hdl audits every major stream of government revenue to ensure your agency receives the proper allocations from the distributing authority. Over 33 years, HdL has amassed a comprehensive database of historical tax revenues facilitating customized forecasts of municipal tax revenues within 2-3% of actual performance. Services also include business license outsourcing and economic development services. Visit HdL companies' website to learn more.


Huelife is a human capital consulting firm that specializes in design and facilitation.


ICMA-RC is a non-profit, independent financial services corporation.

Library Systems and Services

Ensuring Library Vitality.

Management Partners

Management Partners offers a variety of services to local governments.

The Mejorando Group

The Mejorando Group will fine tune your organization for peak performance.

Municipal World

Municipal World Inc. is a Canadian media brand that connects municipalities.

NIC Payments

NIC builds self-service secure payment solutions.

National Research Center

Moving communities forward through survey research and evaluation.


The world’s first integrated cloud solution for budgeting, operational performance, and citizen engagement.


Questica is a leader in government budgeting, performance, transparency and engagement software solutions.


ResourceX provides the software solution and powerful analytic tools to implement a priority based budget.


SAFEbuilt helps communities achieve their development and planning goals.


The Building Technologies Division of Siemens Industry, Inc.

Slate Communications

Slate Communications helps local governments share their story.


At Stantec, we always design with community in mind.

ViewPoint Cloud

ViewPoint Cloud offers user-friendly permitting and licensing for modern governments.


At Zelos, we facilitate discovery through customized consulting and coaching.

Local Government Solutions Journal - Summer Edition

Local Government Solutions Journal - 2017

Corporate Partnership Opportunities

The Alliance welcomes Corporate Partnerships with innovative private sector and nonprofit organizations. We encourage companies providing proven or emerging technologies, products, training, and/or consulting services specific to local government to contact us at or call 888.496.0944 Extension 108.

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