TLG Govapalooza is an online experience that celebrates the very best in local government across North America.

TLG Govapalooza dedicates itself to helping local government  movers and shakers achieve their goals. We accomplish this by highlighting the best-of-the-best in local gov and beyond – bringing in the private sector, NGOs and nonprofits, universities, startups, and individuals dedicated to building an antifragile ecosystem. An essential destination for local government professionals, the event features inspiration sessions, idea-generating showcases, interactive seminars, practical workshops, and a variety of networking opportunities. TLG Govapalooza is built on the understanding that the most impactful discoveries happen when diverse sectors and people come together. Partnering with dozens of Local Government Industry Associations across North America, this unique event will attract thousands of attendees to an online festival showcasing the very best in local government and building antifragile communities. Think of it as a virtual SXSW for local government and those that are working closely with them to build a better future. Throughout TLG Govapalooza experience unparalleled discovery, learning, and networking with creatives across local government and various other sectors in the antifragile community.


There has never been a more challenging time to serve in local government. Pandemic, imploding budgets, civil unrest, polarized communities, collapsing economies - these are the things nightmares are made of, and we are experiencing them all at once. Add into the freezing cold, short days, long nights, and weather emergencies and it is not difficult to predict a rough ride through this winter. TLG Govapalooza seeks to be a beacon in the night for local government. To give our compatriots something to look forward to during the dark days and nights ahead. We seek to inspire and ignite the local government community - from elected officials to appointed leadership to dedicated staff to committed partners - and bring everyone together for a single moment in time. This event will inspire individuals, build teams, create community, and build the momentum we’ll need to keep pushing forward, into the Spring, and into a future full of possibilities


-Arizona State University -Center for Public Safety Excellence -Colorado City/County Management Assoc. -GTS Government IT Symposium -HueLife -Maryland Municipal League -Municipal Management Association of Northern California -Municipal Management Association of Southern California -National Association of County Administrators -Nevada City/County Management Assoc. -Phoenix Hispanic Network -University of Tennessee Municipal Technical Advisory Service -Washington City/County Management Assoc. -Wisconsin City/County Manager Assoc.

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