Our Partners

The organizations you see listed below have all come together to create Govapalooza because we all believe in The Movement for Tomorrow’s Local Government, Today.



…you saw a coalition of organizations representing elected officials, appointed officials, local gov staff, nonprofits, education, and the private sector all get together to co-produce an event?    

Only at Govapalooza! 

With pandemic and economic crises reshaping society, we feel it is more crucial than ever that local governments embrace innovation.  But there is more to it than that – this innovation must be purpose-driven; it must be leading to true transformation.

As we work to reopen our communities and our country, it is important that we go beyond a mythical “return to normal.” We must revitalize, coming out of this crisis even stronger than when we went in. In order to do that, we must reimagine the very essence of local government.


Local Government must move beyond mere resilience to become antifragile.

A resilient organization is able to maintain its original shape and survive when confronted with outside stressors. An antifragile organization is one that thrives in reaction to outside stressors – leveraging those stressors to purposefully facilitate development, growth, and renewal. We know that while it is critical to continue to provide basic services, organizational survival is frankly the bare minimum we can ask from local government leaders.

Govapalooza Partners are actively responding to a higher call. They are actively working to build antifragile organizations that will thrive today and tomorrow, capable of turning each new challenge into opportunity.

If you share this drive to transform local government, please reach out to learn more about joining the Govapalooza Partner community.

There is no cost to become a Partner, outside of your willingness to join the Movement for Tomorrow’s Local Government, Today.

TLG Confernce Partner Program


The TLG Partner Program is an opportunity for jurisdictions to purchase registrations to attend the Transforming Local Government Conference in bulk at a significant cost savings. In addition to registrations, jurisdiction will receive the below items for THREE YEARS!

TLG Partner Benefits at TLG

  • 4 Registrations to the TLG Conference Per Year (6 Online Registrations)
  • Special recognition as a TLG Partner Organization
  • Assist Alliance staff in designing the TLG Conference Experience:
    • Offer input including theme, topic, and keynote suggestions
    • Option to serve on presentation selection committee
    • Option to serve on evaluation committee

Total Three-Year value $8,400 – Your cost $7,200

The TLG Conference Partner Program is an opportunity for organizations to attend TLG and maximize their Alliance for Innovation membership. Conference Partners benefit from:

  • Recognition as a Leader in Innovation and Public Service
  • Investing in Employee Development through discounted pricing
  • Networking Opportunities with Leading Local Governments
  • Sharing the TLG Experience Year Round with Your Entire Organization

For more information about becoming a TLG Partner, contact Brandi Allen at 888.496.0944, ext 102 or ballen@transformgov.org

Benefits could be altered based on feedback from TLG Partners