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Are you joining The Movement for Tomorrow’s Local Government, Today?

Dear Friends,

When AFI set out to create “the SXSW of Local Government,” we had no idea where the journey would end up. All we knew was that our peers were under historic levels of stress – both as individuals and in our organizations and communities.

We also knew that there were amazing things happening every day. Little wins. Big wins. Tales of heroism and perseverance and creativity that illustrated just how INNOVATIVE and IMPACTFUL local government could be.

So we called our friends and asked, “Who’s in? Who wants to co-create a festival to CELEBRATE the VERY BEST in local gov?”

Seems like we struck a nerve…

Over TWO DOZEN organizations responded that they were committed to this movement to showcase and transform local government. They wanted to be a part of the coalition that would lead the way out of these dark times and into a shining new era of excellence and effectiveness.

So we pulled out our laptops, hopped on Zoom, and set to work!

We knew that this event had to be different…

We created a five-day program that attendees can easily pop in and out of, taking advantage of the digital platform to create their own adventures.

We kept ticket prices so low that even if you only attended a few sessions, it would be more than worth the cost of admission.

We brought in world-class Headliners like Steve Wozniak.

We created a space where each of our dozens of Govapalooza Partners would have a full voice in the finished product – each bringing in their own All-Star presenters to tell their unique and powerful stories.

In the end, we found that there was this huge hunger for something different. A desire for camaraderie and fellowship. A hunger for ideas, inspiration, and hands-on implementation that would propel local gov practitioners and organizations to the next level.

In the end, we found that this wasn’t just another event. This was the dawn of a Movement.

Please join us at Govapalooza, and join The Movement for Tomorrow’s Local Government, Today.


Joel Carnes
CEO of Alliance for Innovation and proud Govapaloozan

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Need help presenting the benefits of TLG Govapalooza to your boss? 
Utilize our “gain approval” resources below to showcase the cost/benefits for attending.

Dear (NAME):

TLG Govapalooza is among the most important, influential, and inspiring conferences for local government professionals. The five-day event attracts thousands of local government executives and professionals from around the nation who seek innovation, education, and connections.

I believe that by you supporting my participation at the March 1-5, 2021 event, I will further my professional development and grow my circle of mentors and peers while gaining industry knowledge I can use to advance innovation in our organization and community.

(Highlight a particular session that would be beneficial to your position and your organization.)

Expenses are limited to registration only, and the total cost is $199.

I am eager to discuss the request and answer any questions you may have. I am confident attending TLG Govapalooza would be advantageous for our organization, community and supercharge my job performance.


Join us for the first TLG Govapalooza Online Conference!

You know why you should be at the March 1-5, 2021, TLG Govapalooza festival. Now it’s time to convince your supervisor to provide professional and financial support. AFI can help. Here are suggestions on how to get your request approved.

Details: Review the schedule and outline for your supervisor the sessions that would be beneficial to your professional growth and to the organization. Create a list of short- and long-term goals and find the sessions that would help you achieve them. Review the list of those who have registered and explain the kinds of connections and relationships you will be making at the event and how they will benefit your organization.

Reasons to go: Bolster your request by explaining the top reasons you should attend the TLG Govapalooza festival.

  1. Innovation in Action – TLG Govapalooza is a real-world, open-source platform. Here you’ll learn how to identify and deploy the best practices, tools, and technologies for transforming local government.
  2. Influential Speakers – Learn from the trailblazers and entrepreneurs, and hear them unleash their super-powers. No talking heads and canned slide shows. We gather acclaimed local government practitioners from across North America and give them space to share their creativity in interactive learning experiences.
  3. Grow your (personal) community – TLG Govapalooza unites the leading innovators with super curious, high-achieving local government professionals – both who love to mentor and share.
  4. An organization professional development opportunity via Group experience – grow your team by gathering together.
  5. cross-disciplinary experience – Many conferences are designed for Managers only or are discipline-specific – TLG Govapalooza purposefully builds a cross-disciplinary, collaborative approach to innovation and transformation. Over 15 organizations from across North America are joining together to create TLG Govapalooza.
  6. Recharge to Fight the Good Fight! This work is hard, often isolating.  So many participants acknowledge coming out of TLG that they are SUPERCHARGED to tackle another year in the trenches of Local Government.
  7. multi-sector experience – Rather than building fences, we bring together local government, private sector, academic, and nonprofit professionals together in place to jointly focus on one thing – transforming local government.

Still need help? Check our email template explaining the benefits above.



TLG Govapalooza will take place ONLINE March 1-5, 2021. See you there!

TLG Govapalooza will take place ONLINE March 1-5, 2021. See you there!



Climate & Environment

There is perhaps no greater set of threats to our long-term prosperity than those posed by climate change. From aligning to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, to driving your community to carbon neutrality, we'll explore how we can take concrete action to support a healthy environment.

Public Safety

Do your approaches to helping people need reforms? Are you seeking to shift paradigms? Learn what communities are doing to make needed shifts.

Equity & Inclusion

The Govapalooza Partners are dedicated to achieving racial equity. Learn what leading organizations are doing in this area, and define your own "pathway to entry" toward meaningful and lasting change.

Economic Revitalization

The road to recovery will be full of twists, turns, and potholes - but there is a path forward! Learn what antifragile communities are doing to come out of 2021 stronger than ever.



Build Collaboration and Partnerships

Effective partnerships are at the heart of what is needed in local government. Antifragile local governments recognize the community doesn’t care which specific department, entity, or partner is providing services, they just look to local government for the leadership required to get the job done.

Begin and End with Data

Antifragile local governments use connected data to sense, anticipate, and respond to community needs with agility. They leverage data and analytics to confidently embrace iterative change.

Focus on Community Outcomes

Antifragile local government takes responsibility for solving today’s problems, putting stakeholder needs at the center and methodically and relentlessly driving until those needs are met.

Earn Trust through Accountability

Antifragile local government organizations understand the current broken relationships in our communities have to be purposefully mended and actively nurtured to effectively make the community a better place to live, work and play.

Attract and Unleash Great Talent

Antifragile local governments build a silo-busting collaborative operating structure with a relentless focus on creativity and adaptability in their workforces. They actively recruit diverse, collaborative, multi-disciplined problem solvers, and then empower them to do exactly that.

Align Resources with Community Needs

Every local government should be able to answer these three questions: Why do we do what we do? What do we do? What does it cost to do what we do? Loaded with this information, antifragile local governments decide how their resources are invested to support desired community outcomes.