First Time Administrators

This is the home page for finding resources for newly appointed administrators.

ICMA offers myriad resources for those newly appointed as managers or administrators in their communities. Whether the position is a first for you or a first for the community, colleagues have preceded you in such positions and have experience and wisdom to share. On this site, we've compiled what we believe are tools to help you begin your journey as an administrator.


1) ICMA Membership

By joining ICMA you become an integral part of the international network of local government management professionals who are committed to:

  • The mission of creating excellence in local governance
  • The highest standards of honesty and integrity in local governance as expressed in the ICMA Code of Ethics
  • Professional and personal development
  • Supporting advocacy for professional local government management.


2) First-Time Administrators Handbook

First published in 2000, and revised in 2010, this handbook has served as a guide for many first time administrators. The document covers five areas: first administrator in a community, first time as an administrator, promotion to administrator from within, new to local government, and resources. All these topics are covered in the publication, along with tips and checklists for the first-time administrator.


3) First Time Administrators Group

This members-only, Knowledge Network group is a meeting place for administrators new to the profession to exchange ideas, share documents, or post questions and comments. Although you might be the only manager in your community, on the Knowledge Network, you can find a community of other managers going through the same experience. You'll also find a community edited First-Time Administrators Handbook in Wiki format in the group.