Series 2: How to Engage Teams in a Virtual Environment

July 27, 2020
02:00 pm - 03:00 pm CT


Registration closed.


City Halls across the country are mostly empty, but the collaborative work of local government needs to continue. Are you asking how to move innovation and team projects forward in this new virtual workspace?

Alliance for Innovation member organizations only. Not sure if your organization is a member? Check here. 

Taught by HueLife, attendees will explore various approaches and methodologies of virtual engagement. This series of highly engaging hands on sessions will provide opportunities to both see and practice various facilitation methods. In each session attendees will see a method modeled and then learn HOW to operate virtual engagement. Each of these sessions will be fully participative, therefore registration will be limited to 24 attendees to provide maximum practice time for each registrant.



Session 1: “New Generation” Engagement

This session will demonstrate virtual consensus building and brainstorming techniques; the participants will share issues and challenges with engagement and explore ideas about what “new generation” engagement will look like while experiencing a virtual platform.

Method: Consensus Workshop Tool: Zoom + Mural

Session 2: Community Engagement

This session will demonstrate how to convene groups online and create a safe space for dialogue and community conversations.

Method: Focused Conversation (ORID) Tool: Zoom + Mural

Session 3: Employee Engagement

This session will demonstrate how to keep your team engaged, shift from “typical” or “same old” conversation towards creative problem solving and image shift.

Method: Conversation for Change (Peter Block) Tools: Zoom

Session 4: Engagement through Equity Lens

This session will demonstrate how to facilitate an expert panel discussion using fishbowl approach.

Method: Fishbowl Conversation Tools: Zoom + chat and polls, icons + break out spaces

Session 5: Plural Sector Collaboration

This session will demonstrate how to replicate World Café in a virtual space.

Method: World Café Tools: Zoom + break out rooms

Session 6: Use of Technology for Engagement

This session will demonstrate how to deliver an engaging presentation online.

Method: Participatory Presentation Tools: Zoom + break out+ polls + ppt



All sessions are on Mondays. 2-3pm (CST)

Session 1: June 22

Session 2: June 29

Session 3: July 6

Session 4: July 13

Session 5: July 20

Session 6: July 27

Due to our partnership with HueLife we are able to offer a deep discount to Alliance for Innovation members. All six hands on sessions are available for $29 total.

Event Details


  • July 27, 2020
  • 02:00 pm 03:00 pm CT
  • Registration Deadline: 07/27/2020


  • Member Price:$29.00
  • Non-Member:Not available

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