Finding Your Voice and Leveraging the True Power of Social Media

August 10 - April 27, 2020
01:00 pm - 02:00 pm


Community Resilience

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Social media has significantly changed the way local governments communicate. But most local governments aren’t maximizing the true power of social media and it is limited in use.  If leveraged properly, social media can engage your community in a two-way conversation and serve as a platform to take control of your own story. 

Join us on April 27th as two localities, Palo Alto, California and Roanoke, Virginia will share their success and challenges.  During this hour session you will hear:    

  • Palo Alto and Roanoke’s philosophy on social media and how it is deployed
  • The importance of creating a consistent tone and voice across social media platforms
  • Benefits of using social media as bi-directional communication tool; and
  • Measuring success and the potential benefit to your community.

The presenters for this session include:

  • Moderator, Bill Greeves, CIO, Wake County, North Carolina
  • Presenter, Chris Morrill, City Manager, Roanoke, Virginia
  • Presenter, Lieutenant Zach Perron, Public Affairs Manager, Palo Alto Police Department, California

Community Resilience

Event Details


  • August 10 - April 27, 2020
  • 01:00 pm 02:00 pm


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