CA Idea & Culture Exchange Ambassador Forum

May 25 - August 10, 2020
11:00 am - 02:00 pm
Sacramento, CA


$25 for Members / $49 for Non-Members

Local governments are facing new challenges and coming up with innovative answers on a daily basis, but how do you stay in touch to hear about the shared issues and learn novel solutions? One step is to join the Alliance for Innovation and your peers in the Sacramento area on August 10th for an “Innovative Idea and Culture Exchange Forum.”

In this interactive forum neighboring Alliance members from across the State will participate in:

1) [New!] Learn about any progress Alliance members have made on hot topics discussed last year. Examples of hot topics that have emerged from Forums include "the New Normal" or doing more with less, employee engagement, community trust, housing, and much more! 

2) Idea Exchange - Share and discuss hot topics keeping you awake at night and exchange emerging practices and innovations to address these topics

3) Culture Exchange - Learn how Alliance members from across the country are building cultures of innovation to address their organization's most pertinent challenges through a presentation from a recent 2016 “Alliance Innovation Academy” graduate. Learn more about the Innovation Academy here.

By completing a pre-survey identifying your primary issues of focus, the discussion will be tailored to ensure you leave with ideas to bring back to your organization.

Those interested in learning more about the Alliance and Ambassador program, as well as discussing the top issues facing California are encouraged to attend and invite a guest from another organization or community.

To register for this Ambassador Forum click the "register now" button below.

$25 for Members / $49 for Non-Members


Wednesday, August 10 from 11am - 2pm


Sacramento City Hall - Room CH1119, First Floor - 915 I Street, Sacramento, CA

Questions contact Nijah Fudge, West Regional Director, at 1-877-744-9380 or

Event Details


  • May 25 - August 10, 2020
  • 11:00 am 02:00 pm


  • Sacramento, CA


  • Member Price:Not available
  • Non-Member:Not available

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