Volunteer Park Ranger Program

For many years, the City of Piqua has struggled with the continued maintenance and perceived safety concerns of the city’s recreational trail system. The system is maintained by the City of Piqua’s Public Works Department; over the years as budgets have been stretched thin, basic maintenance of the trail system has been neglected. In late 2011, the City of Piqua’s Public Works Department, in conjunction with the City’s Development, Police and Fire Departments worked to create the Volunteer Park Ranger Program. Under the program, trained volunteers travel the trail system along with other parks to ensure that they are safe environments for users.

The Volunteer Park Ranger Program ensures the safety through four major focal points. First, participants provide information to the Police Department on public safety concerns in the park and trail system. Second, participants provide first aid to those users that may be in need. Third, participants act as ambassadors acting as a source of information on community amenities for park users. Finally, participants act to perform basic and routine maintenance, such as brush and trash removal for the park and trail system.

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