Valley Benchmark Cities Trend Report FY 2014-15

Oct 30, 2016

Executive Summary

Trends: The FY 2014/15 Data Trends report includes 20 trends identified from the FY 2013/14 Report for annual comparison, using FY 2013/14 data as the base year.           

Sections: The data measured in this report are categorized by Demographics, Fire Services, Police Services, Libraries, Parks and Recreation, Water, Sewer and Trash Services, and Finance and Administration. The committee identified the most important trends to track for the benefit of citizens and public managers. Definition Changes: Certain trends from the FY 2013/14 Report have had definition adjustments for the FY 2014/15 Report. Ex: The Bond Rating from the FY 2013/14 (pg. 28) Report has changed from ‘The Standard & Poor’s Rating as of July 2013’ to ‘Most Recent Bond Rating’.

Influencing Factors: Each section includes the influencing factors from the FY 2013/14 Report. The factors were included in the FY 2014/15 Report to highlight the importance of why each trend was selected to be analyzed for this report.         

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