TRUST: The Constant Quest

Reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence. That is one online dictionary definition of trust. When used as a measurement for institutional legitimacy, trust is a bit tired and tattered today in the USA and around the world. Governments, businesses, news out- lets and even religious institutions have failed the most basic trust tests. Still, government, business, and faith moves forward and sometimes thrives. Is trust perhaps, over-rated? Is it really all that necessary to operate effectively? A basic premise of the American Constitution was to distrust government and power. This assumed distrust in the American Constitution, is provided for in the many checks and balances on power. Freedom of the press exists to ex- pose the hidden “truth.” Beyond government, most business deals are hammered out in contracts, reviewed and edited by attorneys from each side. Juries in court can often listen to one side lie to them. Our courts are designed for the placement of doubt into the minds of the jury when defending a criminal. Our very DNA has mistrust built into it as the hair on the back of our necks rises when a stranger approaches.

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