Transforming Livermore 2010 Teams – A good to Great Manifestation

Influenced by Jim Collins’s Good to Great principles, the City of Livermore, California Leadership Team established five employee-centered work teams in July 2009 to transform service delivery. The project was named Transforming Livermore 2010 to reflect a goal of making significant changes within the organization by the end of 2010. Designed to empower and engage the whole organization, the primary project goals were to 1) excel in the present economic downturn, 2) prepare the organization for changes in long-term community service needs, and 3) provide an extraordinary employee professional growth opportunity. Each team consisted of seven-to-nine members and was typically made up of two managers and a mix of representatives from City departments. No department directors were included on the teams. Each team had an assigned category: Streamlining and Operations, Volunteerism, Greening Livermore, Information Technology, and Selling Services to Outside Agencies. These self-directed teams reported to a Leadership Team Committee. After just 12 months, significant changes to processes, consolidations, and revenue reductions occurred. Further, the organization took on a mindset reflecting the ?flywheel? effect and developed a broad and growing risk-taking and engaged mindset, which impacted newer projects. These new mindsets can be seen in unrelated activities like planning for the City’s new website and CMS and competing for significant tourism opportunities like hosting a stage start for the Amgen Tour of California professional cycling race.

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