Strategic Planning and Performance Analytics Academy

by the City of Raleigh, NC for the TLG 2019 Innovation Showcase program

Dec 19, 2018

Theme: Reality Focused, Results Driven

The Strategic Planning and Performance Analytics Academy began in July 2016 as a workshop entitled “Working with Data” attended by 80 employees. The workshop was popular with staff leading to internal discussions about providing technical training opportunities for city staff around performance management and data. Afterward, staff conducted a training needs assessment which led to a capacity-building pilot which was approved by the City’s leadership team.

That pilot was the Strategic Planning and Performance Analytics Academy (the Academy) which seeks to advance the City’s data-based decision-making culture. The Academy provides trainings that strengthen the City’s internal capacity to advance strategic planning initiatives and creates a learning community that has increased information sharing and developed internal support networks.

Now in its third year, the Academy has grown and evolved every year based on organizational needs and identified training gaps. The Academy is managed by the Budget and Management Services Department but is guided by a steering committee consisting of staff from all internal services departments and the course content is approved by the City’s senior leadership team.

Each year staff identifies the organization's priorities in the realms of strategic planning, performance management, and continuous improvement and develops a curriculum that provides trainings to ensure that City staff can achieve those priorities.

The Academy has played an important role in allowing the City to have success and employee buy-in with its Strategic Plan and its STAT program. This success is due to the Academy’s unique approach in conducting annual assessments of organizational priorities and employee skill sets around those priorities so that we can set up employees for success.

In its first two years, the total attendance of the Academy was 365 with attendees represented by every City department. Every topic has received positive feedback from attendees. 

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