Residential Smoke Alarm Program

Project SAFE (Survive A Fire Emergency) is a Residential Smoke Alarm Education and Installation Program for older homes within the City of Sparks. The Program provides the most at-risk City residents with door-to-door installation of 10-year smoke alarms, a fire/life safety assessment, and educational fire/life safety information.  Data analysis and door-to-door surveys identified the target audience.  The target audience included 250 homes in the lowest income portion of Sparks (as identified by Census 2000 and current HUD records).  A 2009 survey of 12% of the homes in the target area revealed: 71% percent do not have working smoke alarms; half of existing smoke alarms needed replacement due to age (over 10 years old per NFPA[1]); 94% percent do not have smoke alarms in each sleeping area; nearly 9 out of 10 do not practice escape plans, an established meeting place, or test their smoke alarms; only 1 in 4 have a smoke alarm on each level of the home; and 40% have experienced a fire.  These residential locations had the highest number of fire-related calls and were all constructed prior to 1993, before interconnected smoke alarms were mandated by National Building Codes to be located in bedrooms and hallways.

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