Region Five Shared Services Initiative in Local Government

by Morrison County, MN for the TLG 2019 Innovation Showcase program

Dec 19, 2018

Theme: Robust External Partnerships

The Region Five Health & Human Services (HHS) Directors collaboratively designed a Shared Services employment program for multiple HHS positions in the Region.  The positions that utilize this concept are positions that are duplicating efforts throughout the Region, such as Childcare (Daycare) Licensing, Adult Foster Care Licensing, Social Services Contract Management, and Mental Health Client Transitions.  The Region Five HHS Directors contract with Sourcewell to have one person employed for each shared service concept, instead of 5 for each concept (one in each County).

This is not only collaborative and building partnerships among the Region, but is highly innovative.  The private sector has focus on a shared economy for years, but local government has lagged.  This is not only saving time and money for the Counties, but is changing the way government looks at services it provides as well.  This creates consistency for the public and saves taxpayer money.  Also, due to the partnership and collaboration, one shared service concept has led to four – and many more to come.

By joining together in these efforts and seeing the success, we have continued to gather and creatively suggest new ideas and ways of doing things.  Our group has become stronger and more united, which in the end has benefited our Region tremendously.  It is now being looked at from the MN Department of Human Services (DHS) as a model going forward due to the success in our Region.  We are changing the way local government looks and feels, both internally for our staff and externally for our residents. 

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