Planning and Response to an Active Shooter:

Nov 1, 2015

The primary mission of the ISC Active Shooter Working Group is to streamline existing ISC documents on active shooter into one cohesive policy and guidance document that agencies housed in Federal facilities can use as a reference to enhance prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery efforts related to an active shooter incident.4 The goal of the ISC’s Active Shooter Working Group is to promote the highest chance of victim and responder survivability through awareness, prevention, education, and training.

This guidance is designed to be applicable to all buildings and facilities in the United States occupied by Federal employees. These include existing buildings, new construction, or major modernizations; facilities owned, or being purchased, or leased; stand-alone facilities; Federal campuses; where appropriate, individual facilities on Federal campuses; and special-use facilities.

Due to the nature of an active shooter event, this document contains guidance for all who might be involved, including law enforcement agencies, facility tenants, and the public. Certain responsibilities outlined within this document are specific to designated law enforcement officers or personnel possessing the authority and training to take immediate action to contain, apprehend, or neutralize an active threat. Other sections of this document are meant to educate facility tenants regarding actions they can take to save themselves or others.


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