Operations Efficiencies = Savings for Your Community

Many communities are faced with unfunded mandates that have driven up costs, the need to reinvest in water and wastewater infrastructure to ensure reliability for the next generation, and the desire to keep water rates affordable. Veolia Water assists by working alongside your existing utility staff to identify opportunities to enhance efficiency, productivity, and sustainability while keeping future rates as low as possible. Learn how this peer-to-peer program teams your staff with a firm that brings a comprehensive portfolio of best management practices and a track record of boosting productivity while reducing expenses across the globe.


Presented by ICMA Strategic Partner Veolia Water North America. 1 AICP-CM credit. Speakers: Mr. David Gadis, Executive Vice President, Veolia Water North America, Indianapolis, Indiana; Mr. James Good, Interim Executive Director, Pittsburg Water & Sewer Authority, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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