Joint-Use Agreement for Shared Library

Mar 11, 2003

In recent years, the City of Lincoln, California has developed a strong collaborative relationship with Western Placer Unified School District through joint use of parks and schools. Building off their strong working relationship, the city and school district engaged a local community college in building a joint-use public library. The majority of the funding for the facility (65 percent) came from a state grant; the balance was split evenly among the three parties. Operating costs for the facility, which is owned by the city and governed by the city council, are divided based on the estimated proportion of populations served--the general public, high school students, and community college students.
See below for a copy of the joint-use cooperative agreement for the library.
(Excerpted from Local Governments and Schools: A Community-Oriented Approach. Click here to access the report and more examples about local government-school district collaboration around community-oriented schools. )

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