Joint-Use Agreement for Administrative Building Shared by City and School District

Feb 14, 2006

The City of Lincoln, California, and its school district, Western Placer Unified School District, agreed in 2006 to cooperatively plan and construct a shared administrative building because they believe it would be "the best and most economical use of public funds." The site and building, which opened in 2008, are owned by the city. The city occupies three floors, while the school district occupies one. Project, operations, and maintenance costs are split proportionally based on the portion of the building occupied by each entity; three-quarters are paid by the city, one-quarter by the district.

See below for a copy of the master joint-use agreement for the facility.

(Excerpted from Local Governments and Schools: A Community-Oriented Approach. Click here to access the report and more examples about local government-school district collaboration around community-oriented schools.)

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