Integrating Lean and Process Improvement with I.T.

Kitsap County, WA. For the TLG 2018 Case Study program

Dec 5, 2017

Integrating Lean and Process Improvement with I.T. Kitsap County integrated their process improvement program, titled PEAK (Performance Excellence Across Kitsap) with I.T. operations. The innovation involves incorporating Lean methodology with the I.T. PMO (Project Management Office) that intakes new technology requests from all County departments and offices. The goal is to first map the process and analyze for process improvement opportunities before looking for technical solutions. After process based improvements are implemented, further analysis can be done looking for technical innovation that improves the system, engagement with citizens, and/or increases efficiency and effectiveness. Technical requirements, gathered through the process improvement analysis, will more effectively and efficiently lead technical projects increasing throughput and reducing cost of technology projects.

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