Green Building Industry in China

May 14, 2015

“This research paper gives a clear overall picture of what is happening in China within the green building Industry.”

-- David Grossman, Director of Consulting Services Team, ICMA


Green building is the practice of creating structures that provide a healthy, applicable and effective environment, and at the same time, conserve resources (energy, land, water and materials), protect the environment and reduce pollution as much as possible.  In China, consistent with improved government incentives, practitioner’s knowledge, as well as acceptance of sustainability among the public, a growing number of construction projects are incorporating sustainability principles.

This research paper will focus on addressing the question of what can be ICMA’s role in the green building industry in China through cooperating with Chinese local governments. We will begin by studying the evolving process of Chinese green policies and regulations through reviewing literature. Based on that, we will discuss the progress of green building sector in China and discover the driving factors behind the development. Afterwards, we will turn to the other side of the story and see what obstacles the green building industry is encountering, and what measures the country is taking to deal with them. In the end, we come to the conclusion that it is the right time for ICMA to integrate into the booming market of green building in China by utilizing a proper strategy through a gradual process. 

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