The Alliance for Innovation (AFI) was founded based upon the ideals of a small group of visionary local government leaders that believed in challenging the usual way of doing business. The organizing principle was simple, AFI would connect change makers to accelerate innovation and transform local government.

Forty years later we’ve grown to engage tens of thousands of local gov innovators, but the original ideals of that small group still hold true today.

Of course, the world of today is nearly unrecognizable from our founding back in 1979. With pandemic and economic crises reshaping society, we feel it is more crucial than ever that local governments embrace innovation. But there is more to it than that – this innovation must be purpose-driven, it must be leading to true transformation.

Click download above to learn more about the principles that will be guiding us during this period of change, and beyond - we hope it inspires and motivates you as it does for us. 

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