An Experience from Down Under

by Townsville, Queensland for the TLG 2019 Innovation Showcase program

Dec 19, 2018

Theme: Extensive Internal Collaboration

Townsville was under scrutiny from the Queensland state government as having poor outcomes for their community and there was suspicion of corruption. There was a shake-up needed in 2017 and it happened. The CEO was found wanting and he left. The city offered a poorly planned voluntary redundancy which reduced the city from 1890 staff down to 1567 of there best employees. This left the new incoming CEO to start from scratch. They were shown the PMH Insights implementation strategy with "Cascade" as the core dashboard application. After a few months of procrastination, managers walking, Directors sabotaging the installation, the riot act was read by the CEO and rest is history.  Adele pointed out that bureaucrats are noted for avoiding making decisions and or "going out of their way" not to achieve accountable, transparent positive results.  

With PMH Insights training and coaching for all senior staff, they implemented "Cascade" with full ongoing training ( A four-year program now just ending its first year) The outcomes were extremely positive once the CEO was able to see every department's budget figures, dollars spent updated real-time and levels of tasks completed and aligned to specific projects throughout the city. The senior management also saw the benefits of reduced meetings, better outcomes, tasks and projects on budget and could be viewed in a report within minutes real-time.

Since the system was role-based, for new staff had their roles defined and so were coming up to speed in days and not weeks. The other benefit the system had was it had an internal eRecruitment system saving thousands due to accurate CV filtering prior to interviews accepted.  All in all, Townsville is coming along as one of the most progressive cities in Australia and are now a shining example of good strategic planning that was executable. 

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