Director, Arlington Convention and Visitors Service

As both a community and a local government, Arlington is known for applying progressive thinking in many areas: Arlington is a recognized leader in smart-growth urban planning and initiatives supporting environmental sustainability.  It was also named one of the Top Seven Intelligent Communities in the world in 2010. The county’s tourism organization is no exception: it is committed to exploring new and more efficient approaches to serving visitors while simultaneously increasing traffic to (and revenues for) local businesses.

The Arlington Convention and Visitors Service (ACVS) launched in 2008 an array of innovative  visitor services. These services were designed to apply cutting-edge technology to proactively serve Arlington visitors near their hotels, as well as helping to guide Arlington’s long-term visitor services strategy.  Included in the program are Rolling Concierges on Segway® Personal Transporters, an interactive Touch-Screen Kiosk, and an electric-powered Mobile Visitors Center. Together, these programs are intended to drive increased visitor spending to stores, restaurants, and attractions in the Arlington neighborhoods that are home to over 80 percent of the county’s hotel rooms. 

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