Desert Demonstration Garden

Mar 1, 2004

The city of North Las Vegas, Nevada (115,000), has turned a one-acre plot near city hall into a desert demonstration garden. The plot was formerly covered with grass and trees that needed a great deal of water. But the city was able to plant more than 80 species of very attractive, low-water-use plants, including bird-of-paradise, lantana, and penstemon, as well as trees such as paloverde, mesquite, and chitalpa. The garden design was developed at no cost by a local college professor, and a commercial gardening company finalized the plans. The city spent $135,000 to purchase plants, construct a gazebo, and provide lighting. All of the plants were planted by city staff members. The plants’ common and Latin names are identified on brass plaques, and the city has developed an educational brochure about the garden. The city’s master gardener now uses the garden to teach classes on planting a desert garden. Tony Taylor Parks Planner City of North Las Vegas 316 East Brooks Avenue North Las Vegas, NV 89030 Phone: 702/633-1175 Fax: 702/399-9611 E-mail:

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