Delray Beach... GRANT TEAM!

Aug 1, 2010

The City of Delray Beach identified a need to bring all of the City’s departments and community based organizations together to ensure that we communicated together and applied for “good” grant programs that would benefit our community. As a result, the City Manager recommended and advocated for the creation of an innovative "Grants Team." Although Grants Teams were not unique, the City of Delray Beach’s concept set itself apart by creating a multi-departmental employee Grants Team that had a goal of meeting weekly to remain informed and to track and apply/submit applications for the numerous Stimulus Grant opportunities that were being offered. This new concept would also provide for the vetting of the numerous grants that were inundating the City. We were receiving new information daily along with an overwhelming number of Stimulus Grant related E-mails throughout the City from our citizenry, our professional organizations, the federal and state governments, etc. notifying us of the various grant opportunities. We needed to develop a method to remain organized and ensure that all key department staff would remain informed and collaborate throughout the process to secure as much “good” Federal Economic Stimulus Funding as possible.

This document was submitted to the Alliance for Innovation for consideration for a 2010 Innovation Award.

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