CityLinks Coastal Engineering Workshop Curriculum

Apr 1, 2015

This curriculum was part of a pilot partnership between Durban South Africa and Dar es Salaam Tanzania. The city of Durban has been a leader in coastal management with regard to climate change. Through CityLinks ICMA was able to facilitate knowledge sharing activities between the two cities both struggling with rapid growth, coastal erosion, and climate change. This partnership also collaborated with the Durban Adaptation Charter (DAC) which provided the knowledge and expertise for conscientious coastline management.
This course was designed specifically for city engineering staff in coastal communities in Tanzania. This was born out of a clear demand for civil engineers to better understand their changing coastal landscape as a result of climate change, infrastructure interventions, and overall development. The two day course was given by Dr. Andrew Mather a coastal engineer from Durban, South Africa. Dr. Mather is a contributing author and member of the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure that published the report Countries in Transition: Coastal Erosion Mitigation Guidelines.
The curriculum is supplemented by the report Countries in Transition: Coastal Erosion Mitigation Guidelines. While this curriculum was designed for Tanzania, the CityLinks team can work with Dr. Mather to facilitate this in other developing country contexts. We welcome the opportunity to speak with interested parties on adapting this framework to meet specific local needs.

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