City of Virginia Beach and Tidewater Community College Joint Use Library

Jun 25, 2013


In 2004, City Manager Jim Spore and then TCC President Deborah DiCroce discovered that the City and College were planning to build independent libraries across the street. These leaders articulated a vision of a truly integrated library, where any customer, whether a student, faculty member, or citizen of any age would encounter seamless, quality library services. The challenge was to integrate the “behind the scenes” processes, technologies, staffing, budget strategies, collections, cataloging systems and cultures so that the vision of each customer’s experience could be realized.  As a result of an intensive, integrated planning process, the City of Virginia Beach and Tidewater Community College (TCC) are now constructing a 120,000 square foot Lifelong Learning Center on the College’s Virginia Beach campus that will implement this vision when it opens in May, 2013. 

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