City of Manhattan, KS Budget Information Center (BIC)

The City’s Budget Information Center (BIC) provides citizen access to nearly every financial and budget document prepared and maintained by the City’s Finance Department. This website is a separate, complimentary presence to the City of Manhattan’s official website. This allows citizens to enjoy several innovative features including several calculators allowing them to build their own General Fund budget and to submit same to the Finance Department. Another unusual feature of this website allows citizens to engage Finance staff “one-on-one” via an interactive Internet whiteboard. The BIC also features a comprehensive search tool; PowerPoints and webcasts from City Commission budget work sessions; and hyperlinks to budget information of cities across Kansas.

The City of Manhattan has experienced unprecedented growth across the community during the past five years, including being selected as the preferred site for the new National Bio-Agro Facility (NBAF) that will research zoonotic diseases.

This growth, coupled with a major downtown redevelopment program and the effects of a national recession, have created difficult budget issues for the foreseeable future. To better inform citizens of these budgetary challenges, City Management elected to establish a website devoted to presenting current financial information in a simple, yet effective format.

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