City of Hampton’s “I Value” Campaign

2011 Alliance Award Winner - Thomas H. Muehlenbeck Award

Upon becoming the City of Hampton’s City Manager in January 2010, Mary Bunting faced the task of balancing the upcoming FY2011 budget.  Similar to several municipalities, the City of Hampton was facing one of the most challenging budgets in its history… one with an approximate $19 million shortfall.  Knowing the challenges ahead, the City Manger wanted to make community involvement in the budget process a top priority.  She knew maximum community input was necessary to guide her through the tough decisions of differentiating wants versus needs.  In order to accomplish this goal, the City Manager took an innovative approach by pulling together marketing, communication and technology professionals from throughout the organization.  The team quickly formed and embarked on the most extensive community involvement project the City had ever undertaken and the “I Value” campaign was born.

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