City of Bothell Downtown Revitalization

Bothell is a city of over 33,000 people with award-winning educational institutions from kindergarten through higher education and a growing biomedical and high-tech economy. A suburban city near Seattle, Bothell, like many other communities, experienced significant office park, strip mall and plat housing growth over the past 60 years. While this growth created revenue and opportunities, it also disconnected the community from its downtown which has become snarled in traffic and auto oriented retail. In 2005, Bothell City leaders led a two and a half year envisioning process for a revitalized downtown. Residents, businesses and government came together to craft a plan, bringing open space, businesses, retailers, housing, and employment to downtown Bothell. A broad base of community support was established through multiple outreach meetings, envisioning sessions and the formation of a 60-person stakeholder group that included residents, business owners and employees. City council, even with elected transitions, firmly supported the vision. The result was the Bothell Downtown Subarea Plan, a comprehensive document outlining the key infrastructure improvements, zoning changes, development guidelines, open space enhancements, placemaking elements and community vision for the City’s downtown.

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