Choose Your Own Adventure: A Costumer Experience Journey

by the City of Fort Worth, TX for the TLG 2019 Innovation Showcase program

Dec 19, 2018

Theme: Relentless Creativity

In July of 2018, the City of Fort Worth hosted its second of 3 Employee Values Summits, which were launched by the Performance Office at the request of the City Manager. The second of these two Employee Summits addressed the city’s core values of Continuous Improvement and Exceptional Customer Experience.

At the City of Fort Worth, we have thought a considerable amount about the importance of Exceptional Customer Experience, and in doing so, have made an effort to differentiate this from ‘customer service’. In preparing for this second Employee Summit, we attempted to find a unique way to help our employees differentiate between customer service and Exceptional Customer Experience and decided to develop a ‘choose your own adventure story’ (CYOA).

In this CYOA, groups of 4-6 employees were asked to put themselves in the customers’ shoes and began working through a storybook journey that presented them with a scenario based on either an internal or an external customer experience interaction. Employees assuming the role of the customer were then presented with unique customer choices in this booklet, each of which would take the employee deeper into a very unique customer experience. Depending on the choices made, employees may have ended up being part of a very frustrating customer experience, or a very exceptional one.

The story incorporated employee interactions, as well as external factors, demonstrating that an employee can provide great customer experience, but without taking a step further into understanding the other factors that affect a customer’s perception of their interactions with us, we may still fall short in providing our residents with a truly exceptional customer experience.

This training reached over 1200 employees, substantially improving our understanding of Exceptional Customer Experience and our interactions with internal and external customers alike. 

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