Aligning Strategic Business Planning, Budgeting and Performance Management Efficiently

by Mecklenburg County, NC for the TLG 2019 Innovation Showcase program

Dec 19, 2018

Theme: Reality Focused, Results Driven

The innovation in concept was creating strategic business plans - not only strategic plans - that take the County from Vision to Action.

The intent of strategic business plans is to align the goals to the business needs i.e., budget. Therefore, rather than have departmental strategic plans that might only include goals, strategies and measures, the County’s strategic business plans are all-inclusive.  

Essentially in the 3-year cycle, departments have developed its goals, objectives, strategies, actions, measures, and costs to achieve the goals. The strategic business plans are the core focus for use in developing the County's annual budget, but the costs are uniquely identified in terms of categories of funding that will help maximize goal achievement. The categories are human capital, information technology, communications, and public information.

To support this effort, the County has aligned its accountability system to the department strategic business planning and budgeting cycle whereby it has created a new Performance Management System that is the first of its kind for local government and developed in partnership with Microsoft through its Dynamics 365 CRM. The system allows the linkage across the strategic business plans, annual work plans and performance measures that help track year-round performance. Information is used to populate dashboards so that leaders and the public can visually see how the County is doing on everything from its Vision to its Actions. 

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