Aggregate Net Metering: Opportunities for Local Governments

Aggregate Net Metering: Opportunities for Local Governments is a report from the North Carolina Solar Center released under the SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership. Aggregate Net Metering is the practice of allowing one or more customers to combine their electrical meters for the purpose of net metering. Because local governments typically have many electric accounts and meters, aggregate net metering is one of the most relevant aspects of solar policy to local government solar projects. As with basic net metering regulations, state laws surrounding aggregate net metering vary widely, and can unfortunately limit a local government’s ability to take advantage of such an arrangement. This report summarizes the variations in state laws that determine whether or not meter aggregation is an option for local governments, explores the unique opportunities that it can extend to public-sector PV projects, and describes the important details that must be considered when promoting or pursuing such a policy.

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