Active Shooter and Complex Attack Resources Fact Sheet

Nov 17, 2015

As events in Paris so tragically demonstrated in 2015, we continue to face ongoing threats in an uncertain world. Active shooter events, the use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and the threat of complex attacks like those seen in Beslan, Russia; Mumbai, India; and Paris, France, must be considered as at least plausible, if not probable.

A pre-planned, integrated response by all first responder disciplines is required in order to maximize effectiveness and improve the survivability of those injured in such attacks. Some of the considered actions may seem contrary to those responders indoctrinated in the time-honored doctrine of “scene safety trumps all”. The truth is that the first responder community now has decades of response and trauma data to be used as the foundation for evidence-based best practices.

 In this fact sheet from the Department of Homeland Security Office of Health Affairs are some resources to help guide communities who have decided to pursue a more prepared community through integrated response.

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